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In for Repair


In for Repair 22 x 30 inches It took me a few days to complete this picture. A large boat was kept ashore in St. Andrews harbour in need of repairs. I found it challenging to paint the profusion of vegetation in the foreground. I like how the richly detailed foreground contrasts with the less detailed middleground and the

Waves and Rocks


Waves and Rock 22 x 30 inches In my fourth and final summer in New Brunswick I stayed on a couple of weeks longer after everyone had left to paint on my own. I was in search of a more dramatic shoreline to paint for this piece. I found one up the Fundy coast north of St. Andrews by-the-Sea.

Dead Tree


Dead Tree 11 x 13 inches This tree caught my eye. It was at the end of its lifecycle and I thought it would make an interesting subject to paint. It appears to emerge from the evergreen trees and reddish rocks in the background. The overcast grayish weather helped to enhance the feeling of decay.    

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