School Projects

All pieces shown here are original works of art from my students at Holy Cross Catholic Academy in Woodbridge, Ontario.

2006 Grade 12 Art Show ‘Artstock’

In this show we unveiled large, acrylic paintings of Christian heroes. These 10′ x 6′ paintings hang on the walls on opposite sides of the atrium archway in our school.

The subjects, three women and three men, were chosen with input from the Religion Department.

The entire set of paintings was completed in just over a month, to the surprise of many of the students involved.

2007 Grade 12 Art Show ‘Above and Beyond’

Unveiled this night were a bronze floor relief depicting the Stations of the Cross and a series of banners featuring Christian symbols. The relief is situated on the floor of the atrium, centered, and the banners hang underneath the skylights in the atrium.

We hired Farhad Nargol-O’Neill, an expert in sculpture, to help with the bronze floor relief.

The banners were constructed with found materials.

2008 Grade 12 Art Show ‘Generation Earth’

Theme (Divine Love): The students continued working on the bronze floor relief tiles under the guidence of Farhad Nargol O’Neil. This extended and completed the original work from last years art class. It brought both our Catholic faith and our care for the environment together in the beautiful floor relief that permanently resides in the centre of Holy Cross’ atrium.

2009 Grade 12 Art Show ‘Snapshot’

On this evening we unveiled oil paintings of Jesus and Mary. The paintings were situated above the display cases at opposite ends of the atrium.

The inspiration for these compositions was to imagine being transported back in time 2000 years with a camera and taking a snapshot of these biblical events as they happened.

The St. Helena Fresco (2009)

Students Stephanie Tatangelo and Amanda Capisciotti worked with Italian-Canadian artist Antonio Caruso to produce this fresco from their original sketches. The mural hangs outside the school chapel.

Fresco painting, popular during the Italian Renaissance, involves the use of water-based pigments on freshly applied plaster. Caruso studied the technique in Italy.

2010 Grade 12 Art Show ‘Prediction’

The Canadian Prime Ministers Mural (2013)

Prime Ministers of Canada - Holy Cross Catholic Academy

This project brought together current and former students. It is on the hallway outside the Canadian and World Studies Department.

The portrait of Justin Trudeau was painted by Isabel Enrile.

Math Mural on the Theme of Infinity (2015)

This multimedia triptych grapples with the themes of infinity and chaos. It is based on the golden ratio. It can be found in the hallway of the Math Department.

Student intern Christina Verone’s efforts were vital to the completion of this project.

Science Mural – E=Mc2

This was a project completed in 2016 for the hallway in the science wing of our school. It was a collaborative effort with some of my grade12 visual art students. We wanted a more street art feel for this mural along with a unique canvas shape. We used a variety techniques including sprays paints, stencilling, and acrylic paints.

Einstein with Students